The Beginnings

SellerMogul is an Amazon FBA company that was founded in 2013 and today has 25 employees. At the beginning of our work as Amazon FBA sellers, we faced many ups and downs due to Amazon’s ever-changing policies.

We were doing labeling, packaging, and shipping to Amazon all in our local warehouse.

However, the sticking point in our business was scalability.

Because we were doing everything by ourselves manually, the hands-on work was tiresome and wasn’t scalable at all. Not to mention all the additional extra costs that Amazon was ripping us off every time we were sending a package to their warehouse.

The Need For SellerMogul FBA Platform

One year later, we had had enough.
We decided to take matters into our own hands and develop an automated solution, a cloud-based platform that will streamline our FBA process and avoid unnecessary expenses.

And after years of development and beta testing, the SellerMogul software is finally available and ready to go live for the target audience of Amazon FBA sellers.

Today the Seller Mogul platform is an effective warehouse management solution that simplifies complex Amazon FBA processing with on-the-fly content and product label generation.

Our Mission

SellerMogul is a robust and intuitive SaaS platform that is laser-focused on one process – shipping to Amazon FBA.

Our mission is to help Amazon sellers who want to scale their Amazon FBA business. SellerMogul helps small and large Amazon FBA businesses avoid errors, unnecessary expenses and save money.

It’s a fact that the built-in shipping process that Amazon offers is difficult, time-consuming and prone to errors.

SellerMogul eliminates all of these issues.

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